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St Luke’s in Winter

Imagine leaving the door of St Luke’s hotel and breathing in the cool Mediterranean air as you look down towards the gleaming Adriatic Sea. You can smell food cooking for breakfast close by at the Riva promenade. You’ve already sampled a traditional Croatian breakfast of polenta and lard on cornbread with a mattering off paprika and some super strong coffee, but guiltily, you are already thinking about lunch. Branimir has told you to try the Crni rizot, basically, a squid and black rice risotto, but a firm favourite in Split.

Question is, which of the seemingly hundreds of different restaurants on the Riva do you and your partner choose to sit at? There’s lots to do first and maybe a walk up the Marjan hill to see the stunning view will make you feel less guilty. Another great thing about Split in winter is all the winter concerts from local bands. What better way to soak up a culture, along with a good Croatian grappa? Hmmm, better remember to take your shades, it always seems sunny and bright in Split, even in winter.

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